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ACT Ambassadors are back!

Our brilliant team of young volunteers took part in a walk along the Mayflower Trail to commemorate 400 years of history.

Wednesday 16th September 2020, marked the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower from Plymouth. After nearly six months, we were delighted to see the ACT Ambassadors again. It was encouraging to receive feedback from the volunteers on past events and their enthusiasm to get involved in whats to come for the Mayflower 400: Get Active programme from now until July 2021.

The Trust has been involved in the Mayflower 400 UK commemorations since late 2017, appointed by Plymouth City Council as the lead body in the stimulation and coordination of a sport and wellbeing programme and portfolio of events to raise participation in the city. The programme saw the addition of this team of volunteers in September 2019, their commitment and enthusiasm is important to note.

Whilst COVID-19 has impacted the provisions during 2020 and the involvement of our volunteers, plans are in place for a revamped programme to take place between September 2020 and July of 2021. The programme combines elements of education, sport & wellbeing activities that engage the communities of Plymouth. We can't wait for our volunteers to be a big focus of the programme moving forwards. The young volunteers passion & pride for their city is phenomenal!

The young volunteers joined up with some older members of the community from our Tackling Loneliness Together project and took part in exploring the Mayflower Trail, promoting intergenerational relationships within the community.

Some additional activities the group have been involved in is a bid writing and public speaking group, from discussions with the volunteers we hope to continue to provide this as part of our commitment to continual training and development of our team of volunteers.

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