About Mayflower 400

The year 2020 marks the 400th anniversary of the historic voyage of the Mayflower ship from the UK to the ‘New World’ of America.

The anniversary will commemorate the legacy of the passengers and crew who undertook the epic journey inspired by an unquenchable desire for freedom; and for whom the voyage promised newfound liberty. 

The International Mayflower Compact partnership has been created to bring together 11 core UK member destinations across England, alongside the United States of America, the Native American community and the Netherlands.

The international Mayflower compact partners are united in their passion to commemorate the anniversary and to celebrate shared values of freedom, democracy, humanity and the future.

In the build up to and during 2020, these locations have created an international Mayflower Trail and an accompanying world class cultural programme which will unite communities, inspire creativity, drive economic growth and promote understanding. Over 400 ‘moments’ will take place, ranging from international civic ceremonies to local community events.

You can browse Mayflower 400's signature projects and events here

An overview of the national programme of events can be found here and a detailed guide to the Mayflower 400 commemorations in Plymouth can be found here

The 14 UK member destinations within the Mayflower 400 programme are:

  • Austerfield, Doncaster

  • Boston, Lincolnshire

  • Chorley, Lancashire

  • Dartmouth, Devon

  • Dorking, Surrey

  • Gainsborough, Lincolnshire

  • Harwich, Essex

  • Immingham, Lincolnshire

  • Plymouth, Devon

  • Scrooby & Babworth, Nottinghamshire

  • London - Southwark

  • London - City of London

  • Southampton, Hampshire

  • Worcestershire

You can find detailed information on all the individual destinations in the Visit section.

The commemorations will recognise the impact of the Mayflower’s journey on Native American communities and address themes of migration, tolerance, freedom and democracy that have such contemporary relevance, as well as the long-standing relationship between the UK and the US and the history of Thanksgiving, ensuring the Mayflower’s legacy lives on. 

There are over 30 million US descendants of the passengers and crew who sailed on the Mayflower. The Mayflower 400 project aims to reach out to these descendants and other ancestral tourists to invite them to visit England and be a part of the anniversary year.

This international partnership of thirteen communities led by Plymouth, Massachusetts and Plymouth, England, has worked together on the historic 400th anniversary since 2014. All partners have their own vision of the importance of this commemoration to their respective nations and the world.

Although cultural emphasis and local aims may vary to some degree we are united in our vision to celebrate the enduring shared values of freedom at the heart of our national identities.

Our mission is to inspire a lasting legacy of kinship and transformational change within our communities which is founded on our shared values, and history.

Mayflower 400 will:

  • Highlight the strength of the UK-US-NL relationship

  • Demonstrate that the UK is open for visitors and business

  • Drive an economic boost through creative, cultural and tourism sectors

  • Bring communities together through culture and heritage 

Collaborations include:

  • The creation of a national Mayflower trail, that will join destinations across the UK and drive visitor footfall

  • The creation of an aligned cultural programme, with key events such as Illuminate linked nationally to enhance 

  • Shared branding across national and international partners, creating a unique tourism product and raising awareness 

  • Shared resources and skills across the international partnership to deliver projects that could not be achieved alone

What’s the date? 

In 1620 the Mayflower set sail from the New World. The official anniversary date used by the Mayflower 400 partners to mark the 400th anniversary is 16th September 2020. 

Some celebrate the anniversary on the 6th September which was the date in the Julian calendar used by the Pilgrims. The Julian calendar is around 10 days behind the Gregorian calendar that we use today. 

Our Values

The liberty of the individual to pursue their beliefs

We do not discriminate, we are for everyone

In the spirit of the Pilgrims we think big, we improvise and we innovate


We always look forward, building knowledge and legacy


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