e-learning Sporting Voyage 

Engage in our Sporting Voyage lessons online from home and enter the competition for your chance to win prizes. 

Complete the booklet below using Session 1 & 2 videos and complete the Home Challenges.

To enter the competition email completed booklets and Home Challenges to alice.young@pafc.co.uk, you will also receive an e-certificate. 


Session 1: The Pilgrims - A Story


Session 2: Discovering a New World

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Home Challenge Competitions

Combining religious studies, history and sporting activity this programme explores the journey of the Pilgrims who searched for religious freedom which led them to the New World in 1620. 

Learn more about the history of your city and discover a New World through Sporting Voyage.


Be sure to complete both session 1 & 2 and the booklet below which can be downloaded and printed for your use. 

Click the PDF icon below to download a printable version of the booklet.