Our Team

The importance of volunteers in sport is well renowned, we have worked hard to bring together a group of trained volunteers all aged between 16 & 24, to bring around a new group of forward thinking and well skilled volunteers, committing to the future of their city.


After completing training sessions in first aid, event management, safeguarding, customer service and also their Mayflower Makers qualifications, we have a group of 73 young volunteers, primed and ready to support events on the Sport and Wellbeing and wider Mayflower 400 calendar during 2020.


Having already supported the official launch of the Mayflower 400 calendar, at the Illuminate Light Festival, of 2019, the volunteers have now had practical experience and their commitment to the programme and their own personal and professional development is unrivalled. This volunteering programme and group of volunteers really could be one of the jewels in the crown of Mayflower 400 during and post-2020.


For more information on our volunteering programme, please contact Alice Young (alice.young@pafc.co.uk)